Having spent many a summer’s day turning blue in the chilly Irish Sea, I never take my daily swim in the Mediterranean for granted. Whenever my daughters return on holidays, we enjoy that pleasure together. These paintings record those happy moments. Lately I’ve been doing works on paper of the same theme for #artistsupportpledge but I intend to come back to canvas, inspired by the calm September waters.

Blackbird. 2022. Oil on linen. 54cm x 65cm. €780

Flow. 2020. Oil on linen. 46cm x 61cm. €700

Arrival. 2019. Oil on linen. 81cm x 65cm. €750

Sadhbh’s Swim I. 2019. Oil on linen. 41cm x 54cm. €600

Sadhbh’s Swim II. 2019. Oil on linen. 41cm x 46cm. €575

Morning Swim. 2019. Oil on linen. 46cm x 56cm. €600